Dine in customers COVID PROTOCOLS

NOVEMBER 22, 2021

Please understand that we are doing everything we can to help you feel safe. Please understand being vaccinated does not mean you cannot get or spread Covid 19. We are taking steps to prevent the transmission in our restaurant.


  • Vaccine passports are mandatory, you must be FULLY VACCINATED to dine in.


  • Customers will be refused entry if displaying signs of Fever and/or Cough, or Symptoms of COVID 19 even if you are fully vaccinated.


  • We will be taking names & phone numbers for contact tracing.


  • We will insure you have sanitized before you will be allowed to enter our dining room. You may use your own, but if we don’t see you use it, it didn’t happen.


  • Social distancing is mandatory.


  • Masks are mandatory when not sitting at your table.


  • There is to be no socializing between tables. You are to go directly to your table.


  • We have put our liquor license into dormancy, so we are not serving any alcohol at this time.


  • Do not argue about what table you are designated.


  • Please understand there is no longer any toys/reading material in the restaurant.

Please ask your server for anything you need, DO NOT TOUCHANYTHING that you have not been given.